Ki Ho Park | Photography & Texture
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Photography and Texture

Using an old, dilapidated 8×10 Deardorff camera, I began photographing so-called “ordinary people”: portraits of tired salesmen, factory workers, housewives, a taxi driver, and others. Then, objects related to each subject matter were attached on the photographs, making one-of-a-kind sculptural installations.

Scrap Metal Collector
After long day of work, attaching my son’s toy cars

Rush Hour
For this ‘made in China’ my daughter’s toys gave me the inspiration.
Cherry Blossom  Festival
Traveling Diners

This ‘Digital Generation, my son and I dismantled over 300 cell phones.
China Red
Ends of neck ties were used for this ‘Father’s Medal’.
For this ‘Atum Leaves, I had tough time placing delicate, fragile leaves on to the photograph.

Exhibition at Whitewall Gallery, Seoul, 2007