Ki Ho Park | Everything Must Go
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Everything Must Go

Hoping to find a particular empty storefront around the city of St. Louis, I drove up and down, and east and west of major busy streets in downtown. When that failed, the next day, I drove further into the suburbs where small local shop bakeries, a coin-operated laundry, and small convenience stores lined the neighborhood. But this, too, was an unfruitful venture, failing to pique my curiosity.  Empty storefronts, bankrupt malls, shattered business strip malls and gas stations I have photographed in other cities tell stories.  This was another stop where I was hoping to find a poignant empty storefront that would uncover past history and ended in despair. These pictures were taken from 2008-2010.

Photographing empty storefront in St. Louis

Exit, Wheeling, WV

Reflection, New Bedford, MA
Ducks, Las Vegas, NV
Boat’s Word, Warwick, RI

Linens’n Things, Bangor, ME
Cadillac Dealership,  Wheeling, WV 
Vacant Store, New York City
Locker room, Pawtucket, RI
Everything Must Go, Seekonk, MA
Pinetree Reflection, Las Vegas, MV
Meat Cutter, Pawtucket, RI
eAuto Dealership, Closed for two years, East Providence, RI
Red Chair, Columbus, OH
Everything Must Go Exhibition, Kayafas, Boston, MA 2011

During my MFA studies in 2008-2010 at RISD, I started documenting empty storefronts from the economic decline in the U.S.. The stores spoke with a poetic trace about the businesses that closed their doors. These empty stores were at in vain, desperately looking for a new occupancy. Unfortunately, the waiting was far longer than anyone expected. And these vacant buildings began to show premature signs of decay and created the “dying urban landscapes.”