Photography & Texture


Using an old, dilapidated 8×10 Deardorff camera, I began photographing the so-called common people: portraits of tired salesmen, factory workers, housewives, a taxi driver, and more others like them. Then related objects of each subject matter were attached on to the photographs, making one-of-a-kind sculptural installations.
 중고 대형 8×10 Deardorff camera를 사용해서 나는 이른바 ‘보통 사람들’을 찍기 시작했다. 지친 월급쟁이, 공장 노동자, 가정주부, 택시 운전사 등등. 그들의 환경을 배경으로 찍었던 이전의 작업과 달리 이번에는 아무런 연출 의도 없이, 아주 단순한 배경지를 이용해서 사람들을 찍었다. 그 다음으로 나는 이들과 관계된 소도구들을 모았다.

Photo & Tex.305
Getting ready with the 8×10 view camera in Seoul
Photo & Tex.306
Over hundreds real toy cars were carefully pasted right on to the life size photograph of taxi driver.
Photo & Tex.307
Making final touches for the show opening at White Wall Gallery, Seoul, Korea in 2007.
Photo & Tex.308
Taxi Driver In Rush Hour, a life size taxi driver is surrounded by over 200 miniature cars, which I tacked on to the photograph.
‘Rush Hour’는 200여개의 장난감 자동차들이, 실물 크기로 찍힌 택시 운전사를 빙 둘러싸고 있다.
Photo & Tex.310
Cherry Blossom festival
Photo & Tex.311
Placing pink toys on to the photograph
Photo & Tex.312
Made in China Made in China is a portrait of my daughter wearing a pink Cinderella dress, surrounded by her collection of toys. Attaching the actual objects allows for deeper connection to the subject matter and the little girl’s fantasy. ‘
Made in China’는 핑크색 신데렐라 공주 드레스를 입고 있는 우리 딸이 좋아하는 중국산 싸구려 장난감들에 둘러싸여 있다. 오브제를 직접 붙여줌으로써, 사람과 그 오브제들의 연관성을 더 잘 보여주고 이 아이가 느끼는 판타지한 감정을 살려주고자 했다.











Photo & Tex.313
Debris of tiles, burnt tree branches in the studio
Photo & Tex.314
Final installation of Naksansa fireman
Photo & Tex.315
carefully placing leaves for the Autumn Leaves.
Photo & Tex.316
Autumn Leaves
Photo & Tex.317
Gallery installation of Scarp Metal Collector
Photo & Tex.318
Iron I
Photo & Tex.319
Iron 2
Photo & Tex.320
Iron 3
Photo & Tex.321
Iron 4
Photo & Tex.322
Father’s Medals. (over hundreds of cut neck ties were placed on to the photograph.)
Photo & Tex.323
Neon crosses
Photo & Tex.324
cell phones just before it is glued to the photograph
Photo & Tex.325
Digital generation
Photo & Tex.326
final touches for the China Red
Photo & Tex.327
China red
Photo & Tex.328
House wife
Photo & Tex.329
Ki ho at work
Photo & Tex.330
Happy meal
Photo & Tex.331
Assembly line 101
Photo & Tex.332
Assembly line 2
Photo & Tex.333
Lunar new full moon festival
Photo & Tex.334
Opening of Photography and Texture at White Wall gallery in Seoul, Korea, in 2007
Photo & Tex.335

Photo & Tex.336