After working for Time magazine in Seoul Korea and other asian countries  for ten years, the editors of Time finally gave me a cover assignment and it was to photograph the president of South Korea, Roh Moo Hyun. But to my shock, I was allotted only five minutes with the president. So I hired a model that had similar facial characteristics and photographed for a few days in my studio, to ensure I wouldn’t make any mistakes. Fortunately, I did manage to pull it off, but it felt like my 20 years of experience as a photographer was put to the test in those 5 minutes. I was just glad it was over. 


Time을 위해 일한 지 10년이 지난 뒤, 드디어 타임지의 편집장이 나에게 표지를 의뢰했다. 한국 대통령 노무현을 찍는 일이었다. 그러나 그 일을 하는데 허락된 시간은 단 5분이었다. 그래서 나는 노무현 대통령과 비슷한 모델을 섭외해서 며칠동안 연습촬영을 했다. 실수가 없게 하기 위함이었다. 다행스럽게도 나는 그 5분 동안 편집자가 원하는 컷을 건질 수 있었는데, 마치 그 5분은 내 20년동안의 사진가로서의 역량을 시험받는 느낌이었다.


Just before the shoot with the president
Photographing Lee Myung bak, mayer of Seoul.
Cover story of Ahn Jung Hwan, Korea soccer player
Cover Story of Roh Moo Hyun, president of Korea
Noh Moo Hyun, President of Korea
Time cover of God singing group
Time cover of Jang Dong gun, actor

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