Corporate Portrait


I have taken photos of over hundreds of CEOs in Korea and aboard, and each time, I try to portray not only what they represent, but also glimpses of their inner character.


나는 그동안 수많은 CEO들을 찍어왔다. 나는 그들이 무엇을 대표하는 지를 사진으로 표현하려고 애썼다. 뿐 아니라 무엇이 지금의 그들을 만들어냈는 지도 담아내려고 노력했다.


ªÔº∫±◊∑Ï ¿Ã∞«»Ò »∏¿Â
Lee kun Hee, Former Chairman of Samsung Group
¥Î«—«◊∞¯ »∏¿Â ¡∂¡fl»∆
Cho Choong Hoon, Founding Hanjin Group
corporate port.506
Chong mong koo, Hyundai Motors chairman
corporate port.507
Chong mong koo, Hyundai Motors chairman
corporate port.508
Chong mong koo, Hyundai Motors chairman
corporate port.509
Park won Soon, Mayer of Seoul, Korea
Suh Kyung Bae, Chairman of Amore pacific
ªÔº∫±◊∑Ï∫Œ»∏¿Â ªÔº∫¿¸¿⁄»∏¿Â ¿±¡æøÎ
Yun Jong Young, former Chairman of Samsung electronics
Ω÷øÎ∏Ìøπ»∏¿Â ±ËºÆø¯
Kim Seok Won, Former Chairman of Ssangyong group

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