New Town Project


In Korea, it was once fashionable and definitely profitable to tear down old buildings and replace it with high raises that glittered like modern architectural wonders. But, lately, with the signs of a declining real estate market, many of the old towns are left empty when the planned constructions are either delayed or defaulted completely. I was saddened to see the disappearance of these old towns, which are, despite its lack of modernity, traces of history and more importantly the character of Seoul. We need to revalue the old and its tradition before it is demolished.


한국에서 한때 오래된 건물을 부수고 빛나는 현대식 건물로 새로 짓는 일이 유행인 적이 있었다. 그러나 최근 부동산의 경기 침체로 인해, 뉴타운으로 탈바꿈 되기를 기다리던 많은 오래 된 동네들이 빈채로 남아 있게 되었다.솔직히 나는 이 오래된 동네들이 사라져간다는 사실이 좀 슬펐다. 왜냐하면 현대적인 편리한 집은 아닐지라도 서울의 지난 세월의 흔적과 추억까지 송두리째 사라져버리기 때문이다. 우리는 파괴되어버릴 ,완전히 사라져버릴 지도 모를 근대의 서울 모습에 새로운 가치를 부여할 필요가 있다.  

I take my time to see what they have left behind
new town003
Panoramic view of Buk A Hyun Dong, note all the window frames are gone.
new town005
Bird’s eye view of Han-ok houses.
new town006
Han-ok Interior
new town009
Han-ok kitchen
new town012
Old and dilapidated roof tops
new town013
Han-Ok court yard

new town001

new town007
Family photograph left behind

new town008 new town010 Closed new town014 new town015 new town016 new town017 new town018 new town019

Lost garden

new town021 new town022

new town023
Rooftop rooms

new town024 new town025 new town026 new town027